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This little guy had his first day of school on Friday. He started his second year of preschool with Mrs. Buechler at the Sonshine Patch again. The best thing about this year is starting classes with his best friend, partner in crime, and cousin, Sam! I can’t get over how stinkin’ handsome he is. He was very brave walking into class on his own, no Nemo in tow. He gave Mrs. B a high-five and a big hug to Sam and started playing like he never left.


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Loving Every Minute

Its a crazy week. I have a new shop opening downtown, the kids started school and dance and soccer and this and that. But you know what, no matter how crazy it is, it is fun. The kids are loving every minute of the craziness, and especially love having daycare, preschool, elementary school and soccer at the same time as their cousins.

Noah has especially been pumped. Its his first time playing soccer and lucky him…he gets to have his dad for his coach. Along with four other little blondies, those little guys ran up and down the field, chasing the ball and scoring goals. The best part of the game…running up to Coach Blake and getting double high fives. After the game, Noah said, “This was fun! When can we do it again?!” Well, lucky for him we have games Wednesday and Saturday and the Wednesday after that and the…..


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1st Grade!

Oh my goodness. Today, this little girl went to first grade….and loved it. She donned size 8 (yikes) clothing and her brand new boots, but let me put her hair in piggy tails, which helped her look a little, less old. She hopped into the car with our neighbors for carpool to the new elementary school, and drove away. Just like that, my baby has grown up. When she got home from school she said, “I can’t believe this is really school. I feel like this was something extra you signed me up for!” I hope she always has that attitude towards school.


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Lake Life

After a busy weekend working, I jumped at the opportunity to go out to the lake with many members of the Markovetz clan. The kids love playing with their cousins, and I love having the extra hand or two when Blake is working weekends. The day was perfect, and despite a crabby Bodhi that took an hour to warm up, we had a great time playing in the water. Great Grandma Ket was even there to enjoy her great-grandchildren.


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In One Year

Facebook notified me today with a picture that we have been living here in Aberdeen for one year today​. In one year we have had multiple broken bones, several missing teeth, countless hours snuggled in front of the fireplace, and lots of visits from friends and family. We laid a few turtles to rest but gained a gazillion fish in their place. We have started new jobs and new schools and new hobbies…. And made some of the best new friends. I truly believe that we have made the best decision possible for our family by making this move, and I love the routine we have settled in. 

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Hello Blog

It’s been a while. Life has been a little crazy around here lately, with non-stop activities for the kids and just life in general. Soccer camp, art camp, play dates, gymnastics class, discovery….Here’s a lowdown of our summer so far…in pictures. 


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