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Must Love Apples

Moving back to South Dakota and closer to my family in Montana has made me realize that family is it. Family is the only thing that really matters. My children don’t realize how lucky they have it to have built-in best friends with their siblings and cousins.

Just look at this day of apple-picking they shared a few weeks ago. These simple memories are ones that they will have forever.


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You know how sometimes you end up in a folder on your computer and you stumble across something that you haven’t seen in years. Something that makes you catch your breath and say, “Oh, wow, would you look at that.” Yes, I stumbled tonight…stopped dead in my tracks, trying to find a file Willow saved that she wanted me to print. This is what I found instead:

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I hit the jackpot! A cache of sweet downloads of pictures from our Noah. Many of them from before he was one, and all the memories that go along with them. Its hard to believe that he will be 5! Yes, 5 years old in just a few weeks. Slow down, buddy. Time is moving way too fast.

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Setting Early

The sun is going down quicker these days, and there is something a little sneaky about me telling the kids we have to be in bed before the sun. Tonight they feel privileged, playing outside on this beautiful day, walking around the neighborhood in pjs and enjoying a new package of summer clearance sidewalk chalk while we race the sun. 

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Gypsy Day Pros

This year I got to experience Gypsy Days, or Northern State University’s homecoming festivities for the first time with my kids, seasoned pros apparently. We had front row seats, right in front of my little shop, and were more than prepared for the 2.5 hour parade. The kids had a ball, shared candy with each other, danced like fools to the marching bands, and crashed afterwards. It was a successful day….and we don’t even know or care who won the football game! 

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Seasonal Dilemmas

I took the boys to Hobby Lobby this morning, looking for some odds and ends for a few items for the store. With their good behavior, they earned a project. We wanted to create some Halloween decorations for the house, but after spotting these wooden nutcrackers in the Christmas section, we ditched the pumpkins. These boys have been working hard painting, and I can’t complain that we are a few months off from Nutcracker season! Another Noahism: they are called wood-choppers.

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Where Did the Time Go

That is such a cliche term, “where did the time go?” but honestly, I have never felt so strongly about a statement before. I’m a mother to a seven year old. My baby-girl is 7. I can still remember every single minute of her delivery and every single minute of life with her before those two, wonderful boys showed up. Now I can’t remember anything.

Even though yesterday, the 14th was her actual birthday, last Saturday we threw a little get together with all of the kids in our neighborhood, cousins, and friends. While watching Willow playing in the backyard, I couldn’t help but think to myself that I wanted to freeze that moment: Willow, a huge smile on her face, chasing around and being chased by friends in the backyard. She was so care-free and beautiful and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile so large. Things were simple, fun, and easy. I think I might remember that moment forever.


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All the Emotions

I’ve started to get really emotional lately…thinking about how fast these three really are growing up. How amazing and different and unique their three little personalities are. How they don’t quite need me as much as they used to and yet they need me now more than ever before. 

Willow has been getting emotional before school. She’s not quite sure how she feels about the new school and she’s not making friends as fast as she expected. Some mornings are tougher than others, but when she walks through that door at the end of the day, she is all smiles. She talks a mile a minute about her day and is goofy and silly and back to her normal self.

Then there is Noah. This kid is such a little man. He has grown so tall this year yet insists on wearing footie pajamas from last year with the feet cut out, then unzips them at night so he can, “feel the cold.” He is still in love with everything orange and everything Nemo, but is able to go to bed at night without Nemo in his arms. Noah is ecstatic to have preschool with his cousin and best friend, Sam, and anxiously counts down the minutes in the afternoon until the neighborhood boys get home from kindergarten and first grade. Noah will be 5 soon. 5!

And then there is Bodhi. Oh my gosh. He is not a baby anymore. Tears. Lots of tears. He’s starting to use the potty, and even though some days are hot or miss, I will take him sitting on the potty chair with underwear on and peeing over nothing anyday! This little guy is starting to love music and will sing along during church by using these words to the tune of the hymn, “La la la la la.” He’s still taking his naps during the day, but I have a feeling those will begin to fade soon because there have been a few night where him and I will party until 10 pm of later at night. This kid will be three soon…3! I just can’t believe it. But seriously, check out how handsome he is with his little “ho-mawk” just like his big brothers’.I just love these three like Noah always says, ” to the moonin’ patch.” (To the moon and back.)

And I want to say thank you to a dear friend and new roommate in the business world for taking these sweet pictures of my kids and capturing their personality so well!